Wednesday, October 28

What to take... that is the question...

I'm doing a small show in Monticello, Iowa this weekend and just can't seem to decide what to take. I have soooo much inventory right now as I've had so many wonderful buying opportunities come about lately. I have more furniture than anything, but it seems that my last booth, though very successful, really strayed from who I really am. I took things that I thought the customers for that show would like and they did! But I didn't have nearly as much fun playing with my stuff. I'm hoping I get motivated before tomorrow when I am at the shop packing so that I have some idea of which direction I am heading. I always love the blank canvas a show booth offers me, but sometimes I have a bit of a mental block in knowing just want to bring to make the booth sing. Last week I didn't take much color...

I think this week I'm going to have to punch up the color a bit...

... I think I'll take some great 50's kitchen stuff and a bunch of linens. I love linens! Why don't more people use them? The vintage ones are so much funner and nicer than any of the new, mass produced stuff they sell at Wal-Mart and Younkers. The old stuff has character and history. I never pass by a linen when it has a small problem like a stain or a little hole... they just give me an excuse to use more linens together... it's called LAYERING and it's fantastic...
Well, that solves it, I guess. Kitchen and linens it is... thanks for your help!


  1. Thanks for stopping by. You know, I still have the dead tree from 2 years ago...somewhere on my land. I bet by the time I got it cleaned off, I'd find it was infested with bugs. hmmm I'm sure linens will move. They are fun to use during the holidays, for sure! ~Mindy

  2. Everything looks great to me. Love the ironstone bowls. We sell lots of linens & tons of aprons. Good luck on your sale. I'm trying to get all my vintage Christmas marked that I bought in Iowa. Jan

  3. Hey Girlie!
    Why do people buy that 'new' stuff, anyway???? The old has lasted this long, and will keep on going!!!! I don't get it....
    Sounds like the kids will be closing, Friday... a long journey...
    talk to ya soon!

  4. Hey Girlie!
    I haven't gotten much done... back still a little out of wack...I named my dog, Pollyanna, because, when it would be soooo easy to give into all the crud, and feel rotton...she is always happy, and just loves me... because of me.... Like Pollyanna, in the book...She's my 'glad girl'...
    Hope to see ya soon!
    Barb C.

  5. Hi! First of all, look at all that wonderful ironstone and transferware! Great stuff you have!

    Second, thank you for visiting my blog and signing up to follow...I will certainly be signing up to follow yours as well! I must apologize, however, I accidentally deleted your comment. I am so sorry. My laptop mouse went crazy on me, and the next thing I knew it was gone. I didn't even get to read all the way through.

    It is nice to meet another Polly! I haven't known too many in my lifetime.

    Nice to meet you, and take care!

    Polly at Sassafras