Monday, October 12

Beautiful oak table with 6 self-storing leaves

My hubby has been refinishing this beauty over the last few weeks. It is solid as a rock and is made of oak, excepting the two leaves that are made of walnut. The leaves store underneath it in a built-in little storage rack with a flip-up door. No more digging through the closet for leaves when you need to extend the table. The top of the table could have been sanded down to perfection, but I prefer it retain its scars so that its story and history can continue to be told. I wish I had a place to keep it, but I am hoping that it will fit into my booth at The Collector's Eye. I think my booth might be a bit on the full side! Oh well, nothing new!


  1. Thanks for the email. Our plan is to come to Mt. Vernon early tomorrow. We'll see you then. Jan

  2. I look forward to meeting you, Jan. My dad will be working the shop tomorrow... he usually opens by around 9am. I will be there around 9:30am. See you tomorrow!

  3. Don't ya just love those gals! We had a great time, and they loved you, and your store...
    Take care!
    Barb C.