Monday, May 19

My sister and bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!

My sister, Lisa, has been by my side through thick and thin since the day I was born. I was actually conceived to be a playmate for her. My parents already had seven children, but it had been nearly five years since my older sister, Molly Jo, had been born. They got pregnant with Lisa and then had me because they knew she would need a playmate. We've been playmates ever since!!!
Unfortunately, she has been living in Virginia for the past four years :0( We recently got to take a trip together with our families to Disney World. More than a week together in a three bedroom condo with 11 people. It was FANTASTIC!!! I love her so much and I want nothing more than to live out our dream of being next door neighbors again - this time for the rest of our days.

Lisa is my hero and my teacher. She's my friend and confidant and I don't think I can live without her here much longer. She is "the wind beneath my wings"!!! Hurry home, Lis!