Tuesday, November 25

A few fun projects...

I just love this little toy bin that I did up. It turned out so cute! I've been having a ton of fun making things like this. It's always fun to alter something ordinary and turn it into a "one-of-a-kind" treasure.
This is a picture of another one of my fun little projects... There's no place like home...

Thursday, November 20

What do you think of my pink couch?

Oh, what a fun pink fainting couch this is! It folds down into a bed and is O, so comfy. Perfect for a girly space! I couldn't help sharing. I had my upholsterer do it up in this vintage, hot pink, heavy fabric. I did a couple of chairs in it a few years ago and they flew out the door. We'll see what happens here. I'm having a lot of fun playing with it, though. The right person will come along and fall in love with it and take it home to play with herself... she'll be a lucky girl!

Wednesday, November 19

Lollishops, Etsy and Ebay, here we come!!!

Now that my wonderful sister, Lisa, is back in Iowa and living right next door to me, it's time we put our skills to use together and get going on the web. Lisa is a very detail oriented person and I am a creative person... our skills together compliment each other quite nicely. I have been creating and she is ready to get started detailing my creativeness... lucky me!!!
We're planning to start by listing a few things on Ebay and Etsy to get started and my account is being considered for Lollishops. We hope to wow the world with some of my hand-made creations and with the many vintage things that I sell in my storefront. We've got a lot of work ahead of us, but we are determined to "make-it-work". If you have any suggestions for us, we would love to have any feedback we can.
One of my goals is to keep my blog updated weekly and to show a sampling of what we've been working on. My new laptop should be arriving today and I'm so excited. It will help a ton to have a mobile computer that I can take to the shop and put pictures on easily.
Lisa and I used to do Ebay together back in it's "heyday" and we're looking forward to giving Etsy a try and especially the new and up-and-coming Lollishops site. If you have other suggestions for us on where we should list, bring 'em on!!!

Saturday, September 6

One big, happy family!!!

My sister, Lisa, and her family are moving home to Iowa from Virginia this week! They start packing up their moving van on Wednesday and as soon as all their stuff is in... they're on their way!!! They will be landing, temporarily, in our lower level bed and breakfast space. We are moving a house that they will be moving into, but we have to do some remodeling before that. We are hoping to have them in their new home by Christmas.

This is truly a dream come true for me. My dream of living next door to my sister is about to come true. Somebody pinch me!!!

Monday, May 19

My sister and bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!

My sister, Lisa, has been by my side through thick and thin since the day I was born. I was actually conceived to be a playmate for her. My parents already had seven children, but it had been nearly five years since my older sister, Molly Jo, had been born. They got pregnant with Lisa and then had me because they knew she would need a playmate. We've been playmates ever since!!!
Unfortunately, she has been living in Virginia for the past four years :0( We recently got to take a trip together with our families to Disney World. More than a week together in a three bedroom condo with 11 people. It was FANTASTIC!!! I love her so much and I want nothing more than to live out our dream of being next door neighbors again - this time for the rest of our days.

Lisa is my hero and my teacher. She's my friend and confidant and I don't think I can live without her here much longer. She is "the wind beneath my wings"!!! Hurry home, Lis!

Saturday, April 26

Ooooooo... I LOVE pink!!!

I had so much fun this week at my shop. I got this great chair back from my upholsterer... It turned out fantastic. I could sit for hours in this one... perfect for my shorter frame. I've been working on making all of my spaces in the shop scream of springtime and renewal. Florals abound and pastels are around every corner. I love springtime and the refreshing, renewal of hope that it brings with it. We put a fresh coat of paint on the porch I finally painted the door like I wanted. Polka dots are so whimsical and pink - well, what can I say... I LOVE pink!!! These are some of the cards that I have been making to sell in "The Whimsical Cottage". I call them "Pudgy Polly" cards. They are soooooo cute. This pudgy little gal has sort of become my mascot. She has friends that you'll see here and there around my shop.
Happy Springtime... may we all be rejuvenated with it's arrival!

Monday, February 25

Busy, busy, busy...

Well, one of these days here in Iowa, spring is going to come... but NOT TODAY!!! We're due for yet another round of YUK. The kids get out early today because another snow storm is brewing and is sure to DUMP a bunch of the white stuff... again. I've got about an hour before it all happens and I don't feel like getting my exercising done, so I'm playing with my website. I changed my front page and have added a few new pages. It's fun to play, but I really don't have time.
More tomorrow...