Saturday, April 26

Ooooooo... I LOVE pink!!!

I had so much fun this week at my shop. I got this great chair back from my upholsterer... It turned out fantastic. I could sit for hours in this one... perfect for my shorter frame. I've been working on making all of my spaces in the shop scream of springtime and renewal. Florals abound and pastels are around every corner. I love springtime and the refreshing, renewal of hope that it brings with it. We put a fresh coat of paint on the porch I finally painted the door like I wanted. Polka dots are so whimsical and pink - well, what can I say... I LOVE pink!!! These are some of the cards that I have been making to sell in "The Whimsical Cottage". I call them "Pudgy Polly" cards. They are soooooo cute. This pudgy little gal has sort of become my mascot. She has friends that you'll see here and there around my shop.
Happy Springtime... may we all be rejuvenated with it's arrival!