Saturday, October 6

So many ideas, so little time!!!

Today I worked at my shop. There was a Chili cook-off in the lot next door. Great chili samples for 50 cents a shot and a great little Girl Scout bake sale in the center with some wonderful pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. Tonight a street dance follows and Bob and I have hopes of heading up town again for the festivities.
As I worked today and played in my store, I had so many ideas for enhancing this or that and painting things bright colors. A young gal from Iowa City, who recently moved here from Brooklyn, was in and spoke of some fun sounding little pocket books/ billfolds that she makes from vintage fabrics and buttons... she bought some great buttons and some fun, bright fabrics to work with!!! Her enthusiasm is catchy. She blogs, too,
I am motivated to get going on some projects of my own, but find it soooooo very hard to start anything with a messy house and three kids that just want to be with mom. I wish that the rest of the world needed sleep, but I could live without any. Can you imagine having eight extra hours every day when the rest of the world was sleeping and you could do all of the things that you want to do, but can't find time for.
My design director for the company I design fabrics for called today and is waiting on my to get my revisions finished for my next line. I told her I would have things ready for her to look at by Monday morning. Looks like I might have to tap into those eight hours I'm supposed to use for sleeping:0).