Tuesday, May 24

Here's the custom vintage couch and chair... I LOVE it!

I had him make several pillows to go with it... I think it turned out wonderful... pinks, golds, greens and creamy whites... simply YUMMY!!!
I know I'm a really bad blogger this time of year, but we've been crazy, crazy busy with purchasing the estate and yet another funeral today.... Our small community is still going through a really rough time. We had yet another teen kill themselves last week and his services were today... three in the last seven months and two in the last month... we're spent and are just trying to stay focused these days. I hope you'll all forgive me to being so absent from this platform... I would love to hear what you think about the couch and chair set...

Stay tuned... Polly Ann

Tuesday, May 3

I got it!!!

We signed the contract today! I get to start my treasure hunt tomorrow... no wait, I have to work tomorrow... anybody wanna work for me? Shoot, I have to work Thursday, too... Come to the shop and see me :0)

Need prayers and good thoughts today...

Today I am going to meet with a family about their mothers' items. It would be a nice buy for me if I can get it accomplished... lots of fun stuff, but TONS and TONS of work. I made my offer and drew my line in the sand... the family muddied my first line pretty badly and I backed away. Today, round 2... the final round for me. Wish me luck and say a prayer for me that the answer will be cut and dried... I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks bunches...