Wednesday, December 15

Soy Candles at Polly Ann's... 43 scents currently ready to go!

Winter and food scents... holly berry...frost & christmas...eucalyptus...cranberry balsam...sugar plums...kickin' hot cocoa...santa's sugar cookies...cinnamon sticks...peppermint pattie...pumpkin pie spice...banana nut bread...french vanilla...blueberry cobbler...cinnamon buns...creme brulee...creamy vanilla...oatmeal, milk and honey...chestnuts & brown sugar...sugar fudge brownies...southern home...wild cherry...fresh raspberry...fresh peach...

more scents...twigs & friends...fresh linen...butt shampoo...indian summer...patchouli...monkey farts...passionate kisses...

when you're ready for a hint of spring try...spring rain...sweet pea...lilac blossom...hyacinth...tiger lily...lavendar...

and the very, very best scent in the entire world... our own signature french market

Prices range from $2.00 to $20 in a variety of containers... I try to use as many recycled containers as possible... it helps the environments and helps keep my costs down.

You won't be disappointed in a soy candle purchase from Polly Ann's

Sunday, November 28

Christmas Open House and Hometown Holidays in Mount Vernon, Iowa

Join us this Thursday evening for festivities and our Hometown Holidays celebration in Mount Vernon, Iowa... from now until New Years we'll have hot cocoa and goodies every day for all of our shoppers. We love this time of year at Polly Ann's...

Tuesday, November 2

Yummy harvest table in progress for this weekends Antique Spectacular at the QCCA Expo Center in Rock Island, Illinois

So, I bought this great harvest table with awesome pink legs and apron last week at the Collector's Eye show at Hawkeye Down's in Cedar Rapids. It had "great bones" as the legs are solid oak and it has a nice drawer with glass pulls, BUT... it had a gnarly (not good gnarly) linoleum top on it. It was all dry and rotting and no one I know would have wanted to serve dinner to anyone on that top... SO... I tore that gross top off of it, only to find another layer of linoleum covered by a piece of really tacky (dual meaning there) contact paper. Under the three layers was the usual felt paper backing that I had to use stripper to get off. I wish that would have been it, but it wasn't... there was this strange, thin layer that I have no idea about... it was a blue grid pattern on grey... it wasn't paper, it wasn't paint and no stripper I tried touched it... SO...

... I got out the good ol' trusty orbital sander with some heavy duty sand paper and I went to town... FOR THREE HOURS... sanding the darn thing. I haven't gone over the fine grained fir/southern yellow pine top with fine sandpaper yet... my arms are like noodles and I just couldn't do anymore today. It's coming, though... it's coming.

Look for me, the table and more great stuff at the Antique Spectacular this coming Friday night, Saturday and Sunday at the QCCA Expo Center in Rock Island, IL. Daddy and I will be there with all kinds of great finds. It's a really fun show with 70 dealers and we'll be in the way back corner, opposite the entrance.

COME SEE US and make sure you say hello and introduce yourself... see you there!

Sunday, October 31

Halloween at the Blythe house...

Lisa and Kiki donned their outfits last night for trick or treat night in our little burg... they posed completely impromptu for this photo. Little Kiki almost made me pee with her little rapper peace signs... too funny!

Friday, October 29

The sweetest little cake cover EVER!

I absolutely LOVE this little cake cover. I paired it with a fantastic green chop plate that my dad had and I can hardly wait to unpack it at the Antique Spectacular next weekend in Rock Island. Oh so much fun!

Wednesday, October 27

Collector's Eye... A Success!!!

The past weekend was a whirlwind for me, but we made it through with flying colors! The wedding was beautiful and my kids did a great job. We had a blast at the reception and made it up oh so early in the morning to go finish setting up for the show. It wasn't exactly as I would have liked it to be, but I think the booth looked pretty darn good for the amount of time I had to offer it. I didn't sell the big sorter piece, the breakfront or the rolling workbench piece, so I will still get the pleasure of playing with those items for a bit longer.
Next show... Melting Pot Productions' "Antique Spectacular" in Rock Island at the QCCA Expo Center next weekend, November 5-7, 2010. See y'all there!

Friday, October 22

Busy Day preparing for Collector's Eye set up tomorrow!

Oh may, but it will be a full and busy, busy day today. The trailer is getting full...very full, but I know I can squeeze some more in there. I spent last night marking two huge baskets of textiles for the show. I've got some great stuff and am so excited to get to play with much of it for the first time. My good friend Amy from FourSistersInACottage is planning to come and help me set up as my beautiful niece, Erin, gets married tomorrow afternoon. We've got rehearsal and dinner tonight then tomorrow morning I'll have to get all my ducks in a row for ironing everyone's clothes and making sure the last minute stuff is done for the show, then set up starts at noon... for like two hours for me (HA), then home to get ready for the wedding, then wedding and reception, then an hour of two of sleep (HA #2) and then back to setting up. We'll see what miracles Amy can perform when we empty the trailer and let her loose. She's amazing and I'm looking so forward to working with her. Make sure to check out her website and her blog at

Well... off to it. Wish me luck in keeping my sanity this weekend. I'll be ready for some much needed R and R come Monday... no, wait... I get to work in the shop on Monday... make that R and R on Tuesday :0)

Me and my "little" boy...