Friday, October 22

Busy Day preparing for Collector's Eye set up tomorrow!

Oh may, but it will be a full and busy, busy day today. The trailer is getting full...very full, but I know I can squeeze some more in there. I spent last night marking two huge baskets of textiles for the show. I've got some great stuff and am so excited to get to play with much of it for the first time. My good friend Amy from FourSistersInACottage is planning to come and help me set up as my beautiful niece, Erin, gets married tomorrow afternoon. We've got rehearsal and dinner tonight then tomorrow morning I'll have to get all my ducks in a row for ironing everyone's clothes and making sure the last minute stuff is done for the show, then set up starts at noon... for like two hours for me (HA), then home to get ready for the wedding, then wedding and reception, then an hour of two of sleep (HA #2) and then back to setting up. We'll see what miracles Amy can perform when we empty the trailer and let her loose. She's amazing and I'm looking so forward to working with her. Make sure to check out her website and her blog at

Well... off to it. Wish me luck in keeping my sanity this weekend. I'll be ready for some much needed R and R come Monday... no, wait... I get to work in the shop on Monday... make that R and R on Tuesday :0)

Me and my "little" boy...

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