Wednesday, October 13

Don't faint... Collector's Eye Show

Just wanting to check in and tell you all about our next show coming up on October 24th in Cedar Rapids...The Collector's Eye will be another awesome show this year. I've got a few things I'm really excited about bringing. I'm heading out this morning to put another coat of varnish on a great workbench/kitchen island piece on wheels. It's got a mahogany top and the back is painted a wonderful pumpkin color. I'm also working on refinishing a beautiful mixed woods step back cupboard. My most exciting piece is a 10 foot long divided feed store bin/sorter. It's missing a lot of it's original paint, but what's left is green and pumpkin colored. It would be so awesome in a quilt store filled with fat quarters. I soooooo wish that I had all sorts of vegetables, gourds, pumpkins, etc. that I could put in it. It would be fantastic at a farmers market like that. I should really call my friend at Bass Farms and see if she has a need for anything like that. It would be fantastic!!! I'll try to get a picture of it up today. My camera is pretty much toast, but my new phone should work.
Have a fantastic week... I'll be at the shop Wed, Thurs, Fri this week... yikes... that's today, better get moving!


  1. Soo glad to hear from you I sure have missed you. I can guess you have been trying to keep up with the kids and all their activities.

    Am looking forward to seeing you at the show,I'm sure you will have lots of cool stuff.

  2. I'm hoping to attend the show. I remember your wonderful booth from last year, and my husband and I have also visited your shop in person. Would love to see that feed store bin/sorter!