Friday, July 30

Heading for Kane County this weekend!!!

Bob and I are gearing up for a weekend together... at Kane County Flea Market... sleeping in the back of the truck and hanging out together. I've already decided that we are going to sell out. Maybe we won't even have to stay all day Sunday, cuz we will be out of stuff to sell. I'm going to take a bunch of odds and ends with concentrations of kitchen (my favorite), garden and vintage laundry.

I'm actually really excited about getting away for a day with my honey. It's been a long summer with the kids. It's hard to have a conversation without one of our kids calling or settling a fight or having to run someone here or there. We're hoping to actually be able to relax a little.

Hope to see some of you there...


  1. You should talk to my daughter but hers are still little. Hope you have a great sale. Also, hope it's cooler there then here. Jan

  2. Hope to see you! I'll be in Dairy Cattle #9 - stop over if you get a chance. (I'm flying solo this weekend so won't be able to leave my space much...)


  3. Hey Polly!
    Hope you and Bob, have the most wonderful time, and come home empty!
    Barb C.