Thursday, July 8

Flower Garden Explosion!

My original name for this room was... "the flower garden threw up!", but my much wiser, older sister had a better name... "Flower Garden Explosion!" A perfect name for the 4th of July Antiques Extravaganza we had this past weekend. The room sold very well and was quite well received. Almost everything in the room had a flower on it somewhere. One little girl walked in with her grandma and said... "look Grandma, it's just like a tea party!" I took that as a good sign.


  1. Polly,can when can I move in? the whole thing looks soooo cozy and comfy,seems like a perfect place to just unwind. love love it
    So glad to hear from you.
    Take Care Ginger

  2. What a GREAT PLACE!!!! I love it... While walking through, the store, the other day... I realized, how much you have been working... oh my... Great Job, little Girl!!!!
    I should have called you, yesterday... Sally and I would have Loved your company!
    My Love to Ya!
    Barb C.

  3. I stopped in on the 4th and as usual your things were beautiful! Hope you had as much fun that day as those of us passing through.