Wednesday, July 7

July 4th at Polly Ann's...

More pictures and details to come...


  1. Very neat pictures. It's amazing how much more I can see in the pics without a hundred people in my way! ;-) Your shop was packed on the 4th, but that's good. Hannah and I liked how you had things displayed, especially that first table as you come in the front door.

    It was fun seeing you again! We will be back again for sure!


  2. Your shop is amazing glad that Ginger took me for a 'tour'. Hope to see you again soon!


  3. Polly,
    We flew through the shop on Sunday like we were being chased.It turned out to be a good day after all. We are real happy with the turn out and will probably do it again.I think the show has alot going for it and will keep on growing.Tell your dad hi for me.
    Take care of all of you Ginger

  4. Would love to have been there -- maybe next year. The shop looks great. I've missed your posts. Hope all is well. Jan