Monday, February 25

Busy, busy, busy...

Well, one of these days here in Iowa, spring is going to come... but NOT TODAY!!! We're due for yet another round of YUK. The kids get out early today because another snow storm is brewing and is sure to DUMP a bunch of the white stuff... again. I've got about an hour before it all happens and I don't feel like getting my exercising done, so I'm playing with my website. I changed my front page and have added a few new pages. It's fun to play, but I really don't have time.
More tomorrow...

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  1. Hello Polly, my name is Shelley. I have been here a few times to visit and I am glad to see you have left a new post. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your shop,etc. You really have a way with display. I am sure to keep coming back to check for new pictures and news. Thanks for sharing!