Monday, October 26

Collections and displays...

I had a bunch of sewing items and buttons that I took to the show. I love the beauty of each little button. Some are so intricate. There is nothing funner than getting a new tin of buttons from an estate sale or garage sale. You just never know what you might find. The most recent tin I bought was full of wonderful treasures... victorian metal buttons with talons, cottages, florals, etc. and beautiful old glass buttons, some with enamel decorations on them. So much fun. There was even a neat old cameo pin that was missing it's pinback in that tin. I spent hours sorting and fondling each item. I love that part, but still hate pricing the little buggers. It's so hard to know what to ask for them. I detest pricing "little" items. I never seem to have the right tags, stickers don't work. Yuk! I put the buttons in little bags that look great now, but will look tired and old as soon as they get pawwed through a few times. Oh well!

I have been hoarding candle sticks and love how they look all grouped together. I hope to have the time this week to burn the candles down a bit to different heights. I have a mantle that I am saving for a Christmas display and can't wait to have candles and greenery with a back drop of frames and mirrors. In my head it looks stunning!

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