Wednesday, October 21

I'm exhausted!

Well, it's been quite a week. Friday was the rehearsal for my neices wedding which my kids all had parts in. Robbie was an usher, Lisa a candlelighter and Chiara the flower girl. Robbie had a football game on Friday night that Bob and I went to... thankfully it was a home game and only three blocks from the church. After the game it was off to the restaurant for their rehearsal dinner. Saturday, the wedding... a beautiful one at that. The service and the reception were fantastic, but I sure would have loved it if the cash bar had had a blender for a marg. We had the gift opening brunch at my brother and sister-in-laws on Sunday and then I napped on the couch in the afternoon. Chiara slept with us Sunday night and I woke up to a little furnace cuddled up next to me. I asked her if she felt okay and she said she was fine, but the thermometer put her just over 101 degrees. She's been home now for three days and I have THREE weekends in a row of shows and a million and one things to do. I've been pretty much stuck at home, but went to the workshop yesterday to bring home a load of things that I have been saving or the show to price. I got those done yesterday and have been pulling things out of the garage all day today trying to make something of a bad situation. I have some great stuff and some stuff stuff. I'm hopeful that tomorrow I can get the rest of it pulled together from the shop. I'm on the schedule, so Bob will have to be home with Kiki. She still has a fever, but, thankfully, she is the only one. She's an easy one to have sick in comparison to the rest of the family, me included :0).
One of the things I discovered while looking for things to take in my mile high, packed garage is that I don't EVER need to buy another textile, linen, blanket or piece of fabric in my life! There is no way I could ever get through all of them that I have now. I'm avoiding the inevitable job of working on them as I write this. There is some really, really neat stuff in those boxes, but I sure don't want to deal with it. I guess I better go get started.

This is just a drop in the bucket of the linens I am "processing" right now. UGH!


  1. Oh Polly,
    Forget the blender, just grab the Bottle, and find a quiet place...
    I too, have been spinning, inside my head... I look at my 'stuff', and want to sit down and cry, so I do... Everyone expectcts soo much, and I truly have nothing left to give...

    See ya this weekend...
    Barb C.

  2. Oh Polly...
    I haven't even started loading...fell a sleep in the recliner, yesterday, eating lunch... we are supposed to have prices on things??????
    but... I am alive and well....
    See Ya....
    Margs await?
    Barb C.

  3. Oh yea, I know all about the Marg Sales...Been there...
    And don't go there... about the stuff... We have beautiful, amazing treasures...Just open the door, and let'em Sing!
    See Ya Later!
    Barb C.