Sunday, October 4

I found this fun mirror at a garage sale a few weeks ago. The old guy selling it haggled with me over the price and I ended up paying more for it than I wanted to, but it was just soooo cool, how could I resist. I brought it home and Bob glued the curved veneer around the outside of the mirror and I found some hooks to put on that big wonderful space on the bottom. I think it turned out nicely. I was tempted to strip it and I was tempted to paint it, but ultimately decided that it had come to be in this condition through use and love and that if someone doesn't fall in love with it eventually, I can always strip it or paint it.

This little sweetie came to me on a little buying trip my honey and I took in Illinois. It's such a sweet little cupboard. I love things in miniature. I always enjoyed playing with little things as a little girl. I loved to sip anything from a fancy "little" cordial glass and refill it over and over. I still like doing that. I like to use smaller silverware and have a penchant for little chairs. My mom always liked to have "special" little juice glasses with stems for her grandchildren to use. I think every child deserves some of those extravagances.


  1. I couldn't decide if it was a really small cupboard or really big shoes. So cute!

  2. Came over to say hello. I have been a reader of Simply Iowa for months and agree with her that Iowa is a wonderful place full of great people and neat antiques. Nice looking blog you have here and fun to find you.