Monday, October 12

A few of many weekend purchases

A lady here in Mount Vernon called me up the other day as she has sold her house and is going to be moving soon. She had many wonderful things that I purchased, among them these two old cement planter/urns. One has a chunk missing on the base, but, who cares. I have oodles of these things on my porch and in my front yard... my husband says they are all going in the spring. I think I will likely take some of them to the Collector's Eye show that I am doing on October 25th in Cedar Rapids. I have sooo many wonderful things that I want to take... A wonderful early wardrobe, a tilt top round table, a really cool old workbench, a kitchen cupboard base, a hanging wall cabinet, an old built-in room divider cupboard, lots of great old textiles and linens, ironstone, stoneware, graniteware, wooden boxes and bowls, a really cool tall work stool... I could go on and on. If anyone would like to see pictures of anything before the show, just comment here and I'll post more pictures.
My neice is getting married this weekend and all of my kids are participating in the wedding. Robbie, my 14 year old son, will be an usher in a tux, Lisa, my 9 year old 30-something wannabe child, is going to be a candlelighter and Chiara (Kiki), my 6 year old, is going to be the sweetest little flower girl ever. It's going to be a really busy week both this week and next getting ready for my three upcoming shows and the big wedding day. I need a good swift kick in the pants to get myself out of the buying mode and into the pricing and packing mode.
It's always so much fun to do a show and get to start off with a blank canvas and start from scratch. I always enjoy packing and imagining just how my displays will look. I have so much to choose from in great merchandise right now, I just hope that I will choose the right things for the crowd that will be there.

This is another purchase from the lady who's moving. This fountain isn't very old, but it has a nice start to being good and moss covered. I love the sound the gurgling water makes... we'll have to see if my hubby will be willing to haul it into the show for me. Sometimes those big heavy things get one move and he digs in his heels about moving them again. I'll work on him...

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