Monday, October 26

Centerpiece and the hot spot

This is what the center of my table looked like AFTER I sold the wonderful red, white and blue coverlet runner and the great set of dishes.

This was my "hot spot" for this show. I had a great hanging wall cupboard mounted where the throw is hanging from in the photo. It was beautiful and I am kicking myself for not having taken a picture of it. It sold in the first half hour of the show and I had three disappointed customers come back to buy it. At the beginning of the show there was a fantastic tilt top, three legged table sitting between those two chairs. A wonderful, loyal, long-time customer of mine snatched that one up to the dismay of the ladies who were seriously considering it when he "pulled the trigger". The chairs sold as did the oak "hat box" piece between them shortly after the photo was taken.
We went home so much lighter and so much happier!

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