Wednesday, October 14

New Friends!

Meet Jan, summersundays-jw and two of her sisters, Judy and Jean and friend, Brenda. They came all the way up to Mount Vernon from the Ozark, Missouri area. I so enjoyed meeting them and showing them around my store. Hopefully they love all of the treasures they found. Jan and Judy raided my stash of vintage Christmas things Judy found a bunch of baby items to take home with her. They were so much fun to have and I look forward to the day when I can get down to Missouri to see their shop... I imagine it's fantastic. Thanks for stopping gals!!!


  1. Yes Polly,
    They are very Sweet Gals, and they loved your place! {who wouldn't!} I enjoyed them sooo much. Thanks for the fun lunch, today, and the tour of your Sweet Home and Bed and Breakfast!
    Barb C.

  2. We loved Mt. Vernon & especially your shop. Thanks for pulling your Christmas out early for us. We're certainly going home with lots of treasures & lots of great memories. I'd love for you and Barb to come on down. Maybe you could stop and pick up Sharon. We'll be back after the snow flies. Jan

  3. Hey Polly,
    Thanks for the info about the sink, I don't know if it'll work out, the guy doesn't want and scratches on his steps or walls, I told him he had better get it outside then, and I'd gladly pay for it...
    Hope your babe gets feeling better!
    Love, Barb!