Monday, October 26

Thank you!

A big thank you to all the wonderful people who stopped by our booth on Sunday at the Collector's Eye show in Cedar Rapids. I am truly blessed to have so many great customers I can call friends. A huge thank you to a new blog follower and long time customer, Carol E., who made the show even better by going to my shop and purchasing a table that hadn't made it out of my workshop yet. I will miss not having the opportunity to play with it, but am so pleased to know that her growing flock of grandchildren will sit and enjoy many a meal together at that table. I know you are going to love it!
A big squeeze goes out to Barb (simply iowa) who helped keep me grounded and focused as I tried to get ready for this show. She never lets me doubt myself and for that I will be eternally grateful. To Tommie... thanks for starting my show off right. Always a pleasure to get a "Tommie hug" and you have a way of boosting me about me like no one else can.
Dale F. was an awesome promoter of this show and even hired my son Robbie as a porter for the show. He says Robbie did a great job and was so helpful and always has been at this show. Colleen F., another fantastic promoter who values my opinion and sincerely wants to help make each and every dealer at this show successful... and to Daryl... what can I say? Thanks for the coolers, thanks for putting up with your extra "helpers" and for always treating me like I'm special. I love you all and am so blessed to have each and every one of you.


  1. Oh Polly,
    My, my...You know everything happens for a reason... Don't wonder, it's put right there for us to see...I have had many things like this happen... I'm always in a hurry, but the last many years, I don't get bent out of shape, about hold ups... I have seen way too many near misses, if I had been only a few seconds quicker... It just makes you go Hmmmm...
    I am so glad your show was wonderful... My show was amazing, in so many ways....It truly was food for my spirit... And so are you, my sweet Polly... I find it so strange, that we have known each other for so long, and just now, got to know each little Soul Mate...
    Your Blessings must have kept goin', I sold all the beautiful Transferware, that I bought from you...
    You had a wonderful booth, and it is no wonder you did well. I never had a doubt!
    Thanks for the lovely comment...
    All my love to you...
    Barb C.

  2. You're so lucky to have such a big community of like-minded folks. You're also lucky to have so many shows in your area. We seldom have an antique show here. I also hate marking all those little things. I finally got all my Christmas orna. marked from Iowa. Hate those white tags hanging but what are you going to do! Glad you & Barb had great shows -- nice way to start the holiday season. You're a couple of talented ladies. Jan

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  4. Wow! Felt homesick when I saw the photo of the shop! I have a booth at the Heritage Antique Mall here in Richmond, but it's just not the same. Whenever I see really cool kitchen stuff I think of you, especially that great plastic. Here in VA to help my mom through her last days. When that's done I'll be heading back to the Midwest--probably Evanston (Chicago), but I'll be stopping by Polly Ann's when I can. Love you. Jill

  5. Funny - I have Richmond on my farewatcher since me sister was in Orange for so long. Pretty reasonable right now :0). I miss your smile and hugs. Try to call ahead if you can when you know you are going to be around. I would love to see you. Hope your mom is comfortable and that you have support in your work there. It's a really tough thing to go through. I'm thinkin' of ya! Big hugs - Pol