Friday, October 30

Today's finds... besides the tables

A man stopped by my shop early this morning with a flyer for a sale at his house in Mount Vernon. His wife was selling off her collection of head vases that she has been collecting since she was in high school. I bought just a few... I don't know much about them, but I think they are really fun and we often have customers in the shop who are looking for them. We can hope they move for me. If you know any collectors, send them my way, please. Thanks!

After we went harvest table hunting we headed to the girls' Halloween Parade. They were so cute! After that Bob and I spent a little time at Tommie's house sharing a pitcher of margs (It was 5 o'clock somewhere). It was my favorite part of the day!!! Tommie sent me home with a pumpkin pie to boot... my favorite breakfast in the world is cold pumpkin pie with whipped cream... guess what I'm having tomorrow?

We'll be setting up for the Monticello show tomorrow morning following the pumpkin pie breakfast. The show is Sunday and opens at 9am and is at the Brendes Center at the Jones County Fairgrounds. I have done the show many times in the past and always have had fun at it. It has a new promoter and I haven't done it for a few years. I'm sure hoping they have a good turn out. I'll be there with bells on with my linens and kitchen stuff, head vases, ironstone and more. I have a nice round light colored table (I'm pretty sure it's maple) that has 8 leaves. I'll be bringing that as well. It would be great for Thanksgiving.

Then Monday I'll likely take part of the day off then get started getting ready for my final show in the trio in Rock Island. I'll be taking different stuff, yet again to that show, so I'll have to unload everything and start packing the trailer from scratch again.

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  1. Sounds like a good breakfast to me. Hope you have a great show. Bet you sell all the head vases. Jan