Saturday, October 31

Monticello show booth for tomorrow (Nov 1st)

A look from the aisle of my booth. Enter through the archway and shop away...

This really is a wonderful and versatile patio set... could be used indoors or out. Can go spring, or Christmas time with ease. Perfect for a breakfast nook, 5 seasons room, back patio or front porch... The possibilities are truly endless!

A fun collection of french ivory dresser boxes, mirrors, brushes, hair receivers, etc. I had a lady buy one just the other day and her plan was to wrap each of the gift cards that she gets for her grandchildren in a special, keepsake box. A few of these would be perfect for that. I love the mirrored tray that is probably from the 50's.

I want to back cookies with my girls and use this little cupboard base. I think these things are so handy. I bought and sold many over the years.

I made this little sign for last week's show, but I still think it's stinkin' cute...


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  1. pollyanna...CUTE shop, but may I make a suggestion...I would change the picture of your banner...and shop sign to read OPEN...instead of CLOSED.