Monday, October 26

A fantabulous Collector's Eye show!

This was one side of our booth at the show. A friend called me last week about this fantastic glass topped, round patio table and chair set. I recovered the seats in a red and white gingham and displayed the set with Christmas. I took this picture at the end of the show. I had a wire Christmas tree set up completely draped with ornaments. I was nice enough that I sold all four of the trees that I took. I didn't sell many ornaments, but maybe next week the crowd at Monticello will be looking a little more towards the Holidays. The table and chairs are still available, so I will have a chance to play with them a little longer... yipee! The arbor/archway I got a couple of weeks ago when my friend Gail was moving and I called me and I bought almost everything she was looking to unload. I had to have it fixed as it was missing a piece and had several solders that had come loose. Dale at Liberty Iron Works in Mount Vernon got it done for me in time for the show. He is an incredible metal artist and if you have some time you should really check out his website at or come out to Mount Vernon sometime and see for yourself. He does commission work as well as fantastic huge metal structures of moose, dinosaurs, giraffes, fish... anything.
I wish I would have had a little more time and a little more space to have decorated the archway the way I had envisioned in my head, but, because it didn't sell, I still have time to try to do it justice. I sold less in this half of our booth, but I was still really happy with how the booth looked. It may have been the wrong time of year for a fountain, cement urns, a patio set and archway, but I think it's important to lead with your highest card and those were the coolest things I think I had.

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