Monday, October 26

More from the show...

This little round table has 8 leaves and drop-down stabilizing legs. A lady from Wisconsin who traveled to the show with a dealer who was setting up wanted it in the worst way (the arbor, too), but couldn't figure out a way to get it home. I have a feeling I may hear from her again, but until then, I'll have tons of fun playing with this little beauty. I didn't have time to take any pictures before the show opened so you don't get to see the fantastic and fun set of dishes I had set up "for dinner". It was a really fun table to set and I know I will have something fun displayed on it at the show I am doing in Monticello next weekend. You should come see!

This is a great size little bookcase/cabinet that used to be a built in room divider. I love the detail of the door. I used the little white cabinet next to it for our "check out station". I had a great pair of miss-matched stools sitting next to it that my friend Tommie from Fuel, Mount Vernon's most awesomest coffee shop and funkiest antique/gift store, bought when she and son Beckett stopped in to the show.

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