Saturday, November 28

Pine Harvest Table

This is the first of several harvest tables Bob will be "harvesting" from the lot of five of those 12 foot workbench/tables we bought.

I love the character of the wood. I might sand a little longer on the next one, just to see the difference in the two.

I put it in the shop and set it with this wonderful set of dishes... the dishes sold in 20 minutes!

So I set it again with this set of dishes... still fun, but not nearly as graceful and elegant... more of a shabby look.

I love these "Merry Christmas" 3-D decorations!


  1. Love the way the table turned out. Do you deliver? The store looks wonderful. I worked at Leola's today & we were crazy busy -- Yea!!! Just hope Dec. stays busy. Jan

  2. We had a very busy last two days at the shop. It's going to continue... everyone is thinking vintage this Christmas, right?

  3. Hi again! Nice harvest table! I wish I had the space to get a long farm table, but my dining room is too small. Also, thanks for getting back to me on the wire organizer thingy! I think I'll have to wait until after the holidays to decide! I love it, but probably shouldn't buy myself a present right now! :-)
    Take care,


  4. Hey Polly,
    I got a royal but chewing, from a dear friend, about new stuff... I feel sooo bad...I wouldn't hurt anyone, for anything... But the repros, of our stuff, have really hurt all of us... There are good 'new' things, that enhance our stuff, but like you, I don't know how to pick'em!
    Love ya,
    Barb C.

  5. Hey Little Girl...
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, the top too. You are such a special girl...and loved by sooo many... I'm so glad we have had a chance, to get to know each other, a little more... We are going to have to get together soon...Peg came in today, and she always lifts my spirit... Thank you soo much, for the offer, to help... But I know my store would make you crazy... no pink!
    I love you, kid...
    Barb C.