Thursday, November 19

The mantle is for sale...

I had a question about the mantle from "Rita", but she doesn't have a blogger profile to reply to, so here's your reply, Rita, if you are out there. I have $295 on the mantle in the shop... my bottom dollar is $240. Thanks for asking!

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  1. Hey Polly!
    I tried to leave a comment, yesterday, but it was sooo slow, I turned off the computer! Your shop looks wonderful! Hope you have a delightful Thanksgiving! All the kids are coming here, I have been working my tail off, and have nothing ready for food, or the house cleaned.... I tore the shop apart, yesterday, and it had been sooo pretty... why, why, why... You know why... I am pretty impressed by what has gotten done so far... It has been too long, since a major change. I picked up some wonderful treasures, in Indiana... If you get a wild hair, for an overnighter, I have found some sweet 'honey holes'!
    Love ya much!
    Barb C.