Tuesday, November 10

I love letters!

Letters, letters, letters... I love letters!!! These little chip board letters (bottom bowl) sold well at 25cents each...the ones in the middle came from an old anagrams game... they sold even better at 50cents each. I never get bored when I have letters to make words with. Blocks are so much fun, too.


  1. Love your letters. I've spelled my g'kids names out of all kinds of letters. Jan

  2. Hey Polly!
    How was the show... I am heading for Indiana next week... I truly crashed and burned, yesterday... {way too much DRAMA!!!} Sometimes I just want to look these folks in the eye, and say, "are you kidding me??????" Grrr, People.... I think I am going to turn off my phone today...
    I hope your show was great, and get some rest! Come out this weekend, and we'll have a little 'Gnarly Head Wine'...{make it late in the day....}
    Love Ya!
    Barb C.

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting! Your store looks wonderful - wish I lived close so I could SHOP! I see MANY things that would have to come home with me!
    Come again soon!

  4. Ohhhhh! I love letters too! I always have a supply of scrabble letters available for sale in my booth....people love them! I use letters everywhere in my house to spell out little messages, so I am always on the hunt for neat old games. Anagrams are probably my favorite! Those colorful Anagrams you found are really cool! Thanks for sharing!