Thursday, November 19

Festive views of Polly Ann's

Just a few pictures of things I have been working on at the shop. I worked my fanny off today, but hardly had more than a handful of customers. Somethin's gotta give here. I don't like spinning my wheels, but this month seems to be about spinning 'em good. Tomorrow my plan is to make candles. I have had a request for "monkey farts", so tomorrow, monkey farts it is. (It really smells wonderful... just like sweet banana candy.)

The mantle keeps changing. I hope it sells, but it'll be a bear to undress!

A sweet little festive table for little ones...

This old santa mask has gotten lots of comments... most of them about a grandpa that used to wear one and it scared them to death as little kids!

I love these sweet little hand-crocheted animals. We have a mouse couple, a monkey couple and a bear couple. My mom had this crafter make a bunch of these and she always hung them on her tree at Christmas... something about her I will never forget...

I think this table turned out great... more of the traditional holiday colors than I sometimes use, but I couldn't resist!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday tomorrow and I hope you will stop in soon if you can. Til next time - Polly

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  1. We've been telling everyone who will listen about Mt. Vernon, Iowa, and Pollyanns. Have they not shown up yet? Hope you're slammed this weekend. Jan