Thursday, March 10

More spring views...

It's been a great month so far at the shop. We'd certainly love to have more traffic, but those who are coming in are enjoying themselves and are finding treasures to take home with them. I spent today framing and fluffing the shop. I'm so excited to get to play with my favorite colors again. I'll try to get some pictures posted this weekend of some of the framing projects. There are some sweeties!!!
I finally got a good one of these... I've had several clothes pin holders over the years, but most of them are threadbare and faded... not this little sweet heart. She's in great shape. So fun to play with...
A great batch of hankies and Easter postcards... $2.00 each... can't beat it!
I like this Georgian Eggshell pattern of dishes, but I LOVE this little covered creamer in Harker's Cameo pattern... isn't it adorable?
I love these little hoop skirt dress forms... I have two sizes... I put a bunch of dresden plates on for a skirt and it's OH so YUMMY!

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