Tuesday, March 22

Late UNI-Dome show shots...

A few random shots of what was left at the show on Sunday morning. Pack up was lickedy split as we had nothing big left. Things went very smoothly and now I just have to empty the boxes into the shop over the next few days.

My friend, Amy, at had a big sale the last few days and I bought a bunch of stuff yesterday. I'm going to go to the shop and send dad home early today and get to work pricing and cleaning those things up. One of my dealers moved out yesterday and I have a booth of lovely emptiness just waiting for me to go to work on. I absolutely LOVE having a blank spot to work with. I've got some plans, but most of it will work itself out as I go along. I am thinking that I am going to move the stuff in the baby area so that I can move my big cases into the area where that display is and open up some new possibilities out by the counter area. It's really going to be a lot of shoving, but my hips have taken on plenty of padding (unfortunately) these last few weeks so I'm thinking I can handle it... wish me luck!

I'll try to post some before and after shots over the next few days... make sure to check back...

Until next time - Polly Ann

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  1. Glad you had a great show. People are DEFINITELY ready for Spring, myself included.