Saturday, March 19

Dad is doing great & Waterloo shoppers rock!!!

My daddy had his carotid artery "reamed" out on Wednesday. The doctor came out and told us he scraped a bunch of gravy and some "debris" out of there. He has a large incision which is glued shut on his neck and has quite a bit of swelling, but is otherwise doing GREAT! He is NOT happy about missing the show at UNI this weekend, but if he does what the doctors say he'll be out and about in no time flat. He was in the hospital overnight and this picture was taken about 12 hours post-op. He's at home and is doing great with ZERO pain killers... what a guy!!! Continued prayers are always welcome... thank you !

This picture was taken Wednesday night when we took a little time out before heading to Cedar Falls for the show on Thursday... I love this man... he's got it all! :0)

We're having a FANTASTIC sale at the UNI-Dome! I've sold so much and I just keep spreading out... Thanks to Susie from Minnesota for making a bunch of holes to fill :0) I am so sad that I didn't get a picture of a cupboard that I bought early on Friday and sold early on in the show. It was SOOOOOO sweet. Wanda (if you're reading this) I think you would have loved it!
I've been crazy busy with the show and never even got any pictures taken of my booth. Sorry ;0(

The shop almost always has a rough weekend when I've stripped it for a show, but not this weekend. We did some great business and have tomorrow yet to go at the shop and at the show!
I'm so grateful for all of the wonderful people out there I call my customers and my friends. It was so great to get all the hugs and well wishes from those who heard about my craigslist woes... I'm over it! I know in my heart that I did all I could do and whoever it was just likes to complain and step on others to make them feel better. I've prayed for them (thank you for the reminder, Miss Karen ;0)) and I will keep my chin up and always and all ways strive to do better in the future!

Life is good in my world!!! Love and thanks to all... bless you - Polly Ann


  1. Glad your Dad is doing well after his surgery! Take care,


  2. goodness goodness Polly I'm guessing this wasn't scheduled. our thoughts are with you.Do as the Drs say and you will be up and at the auction house soon

  3. Oh My Gosh!
    I had No Idea!
    My Prayers are with Bob....
    Your booth was WONDERFUL!
    Love to Ya...Sweet Pea!
    Barb C.