Wednesday, February 23

Time to re-vamp and get ready for Spring at Polly Ann's!

Well... we had a fantastic sale weekend and I'm so pleased! I'm already looking forward to next year. Our actually anniversary is in December, but that seems like a crazy time to have a "sale" with Christmas coming, so we moved our sale to February. This coming December will actually be our 20th anniversary, so I'm thinking we'll do an anniversary celebration before Christmas and have our 2nd annual "GET THIS OUTTA HERE" sale in February.

Although I didn't have as much success getting rid of some of the furniture pieces I had hoped to unload, I have holes to work with. I go tomorrow morning to pick up a load of treasures that I just purchased and will be working them into the shop Thursday afternoon and Friday. Some of the items will go straight to the Rock Island Antique Spectacular with me next weekend.

I'm looking forward to the show and having some fresh merchandise and a "blank canvas" to work with. I'm painting a set of chairs in varying pastel shades and am looking for just the right
fabric to tie my idea together... this month's Victoria magazine (pictured below) was my inspiration.

Everyone that knows me and/or know my shop knows that SPRING and pastels are what speak to me and motivate me. It was a longish winter, but now that spring is on the horizon, I'm running, running, running so that I won't be late for it's arrival.

The shop has already started transforming with bunnies and chicks, pots and planters poking up all over the place. I'll be getting more and more of it "springified" over then next few weeks.
I have some really fun smaller pieces and three larger cupboards that I will be getting to play with very soon. I can hardly wait!

Come join the fun at... Polly Ann's Antiques, 1 block east of the stoplight in historic Mount Vernon, Iowa... you won't be disappointed!

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  1. Your shop looks so springy with the bunnies and chicks. I wish I could visit. I always stop by when we're traveling in your area.