Saturday, February 19

The messy front porch at Polly Ann's

Nice long bench... a great look!
A wide variety of children's chairs! was $25, now 25% off!
This grey bench wants to come home with you and get a new bright paint job and be your potting bench... could be yours for like $30 (can't remember exactly how much I marked it down)
Another sweet kids chair... this one folds up, too... was $34, now 25% less than that~
This is a set of 4 metal ice cream chairs... they've been sitting outside all winter and their shabbiness is just screaming to be discovered. If they don't sell, I think they are going to get a good wire brushing, a nice spray of color and new seat covers... how about you come take them off my hands so you can make them just how you want them?
Here's another nice workbench that would be great in a kitchen or as a potting bench...
I can't believe this table is still around... was $110, now $75... it's the size of a harvest table, for cheap!
Wicker fernery... again... screaming for paint!
White wicker table... was $129, now $85
Another one... was $105, now $75... COME GET ME!!!

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  1. I bought some stuff from the basement Saturday...:)