Wednesday, February 16

Anniversary Sale at Polly Ann's... Photos

Behind the chair is a matching full sized headboard with coordinating fabric... a guest room, perhaps?

What fun! Spring is coming... I'm tellin' ya... it'll be here before ya know it!

A different view of the white pew... It's so fun... pefect for an entry hall to take off/ put on your shoes or boots... just right!
Just when you walk in the door at Polly Ann's!
Bobby built this cabinet with the old basement window for a door as inspiration... PERFECT!
Coffee, tea or me?
I put together a bunch of spring colored and floral tablecloths on this display rack!
A fun little primitive table... a 4 ft. pew and four fun hoop back chairs... pink and green dishes,
to boot!

This is a 5 ft pew... I wonder what the sale price will be?

An awesome old workbench... all decked out with SPRING ideas!
Can't figure out why this pink legged harvest table hasn't gone home with someone yet... it's only $359...
I LOVE to set tables!

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