Sunday, March 28

Tag sale mania!!!

Barb {simplyiowa} stopped by Friday morning and let me ride shot gun with her to a tag sale in Davenport. I had NO idea what I had gotten myself into, but OH MY I'm so glad I did! We didn't get to the sale until after noon and we heard that there were over 200 people in line when it opened. It was a huge mansion on Brady Street in Davenport and the Free family had a photography studio there for nearly a century. There was so much interesting stuff. I bought and I bought and I bought. Each time I came back around toward the check out area, the ladies would say... "are you still here?" I was there for hours and hours, awed and mesmerized. Barb and I both found tons of wonderful treasures. She filled her truck and needed to come back for more. I knew in the first five minutes after we arrived that Bob and I would be coming back tomorrow with the truck and a trailer. Barb ended up having to come back again as well. We came back Saturday morning, trailer in tow, after hitting the Sharpless garage sale outside of West Branch on the way down. I found some great buys on small items there and was really happy with our little side trip. Kiki even got 4 new pair of shoes in the deal including a really cute little pair of cowgirl boots!
We got back to the sale about 10am on Saturday and pulled out around 3pm after making countless trips up and down winding stairs to the attic and basement... attic and basement... attic and basement! Bob wasn't so sure about it when we first got there, but he got into it quickly and started getting excited about some of my purchases. We were covered in 100 years of dust, dirt and grime and my hands still won't come clean from all the fine dirt that got into the dry wrinkles and crevises around my cuticles and work worn hands.
I hope you enjoy the pictures... they are all of the items where they sat in the house, unretouched photos, if you may! I can't wait to work on them and get them cleaned up and displayed. If you see something you might be interested in, just let me know.


  1. Wowsa! I would have liked to just see the house- the treasures sure look great and I look forward to seeing them all in the shop or at a show soon....

  2. I LIVE here and never know about this stuff. I don't know how you do it! Cute stuff.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! YOU ROCK POLLY!!!! Someday when I grow up, I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU!!!
    Love ya...Amy

  4. You guys have the greatest sales -- not fair!!! Looks like you've got some work ahead of you. We're suppose to have warm weather this week so hopeing to get some work done. Good luck! Jan

  5. I'm loving all the workbenches and drawers, drawers, drawers! I don't think I've EVER been to a sale like that! Great finds!