Monday, March 15

Auction goodies and more...

I've had a busy few days here in Iowa. I went to an auction on Saturday... it was the first one I have been to in over a year. Bob dropped me off and hung around to look at a little furniture. He ended up staying for a bit, just long enough to fill the truck once and then he headed home with the load. I stayed and bought some more. I called him and told him he better bring the trailer back when came to get me. We filled the trailer and the truck again. I spent over $1300, but I didn't think that was too bad for two trucks and a trailer full. I mostly bought furniture, but also got some fun small items to use as well. It seems that furniture is easier to buy at auctions than small stuff. I am one who waits until the end and buys the leftovers and tries to pass them off as fantastic stuff by the way I put them together.

I worked at the shop on Sunday and was able to get the front room swapped out. I sold my bring green wainscot cupboard on Saturday and I had Bob and Robbie load it up and deliver it Sunday afternoon. My green couch and chair set wasn't moving, so I called a lady who had been looking at it and made her a really good deal and they loaded that up when they got back from delivering the cupboard and they delivered it to her today. This gave me lots of room to play in the front room. I set up a bed and brought in a small table and chairs and a commode. I rearranged the area where I used to have baby stuff and filled it with lots of ironstone and muted colors. I also put my big cubby hole rack in there and did a display with my candles. I have a ways to go with the final touches, but it turned out pretty good.

At the auction we bought a great sized oak table that is only 36" x 42" without the leaves, but has 7 leaves and stretches to almost 10 feet when they are all it there. It has 6 legs, too, so it is nice and solid. We bought a nice walnut dresser with hanky drawers, another maple dresser with a mirror that I have to clean up yet. A great shabby chic dresser that has been out in the barn for a while. It will be a fun one to play with. I bought three little corner shelves, a sweet little green cupboard that I am going to take with me to the UNI Dome this weekend and two old sets of post office boxes with the keyed fronts on them.

I worked at the shop again today and managed to get a lot of the small items from the auction marked and tried to tidy up a bit. We were busy with people early in the day, but I didn't have many this afternoon as it was so beautiful here. I came home to my littlest one riding her bike in a tank top and shorts... She came riding down the street from the neighbor's when I pulled in the driveway and didn't have her training wheels on (she's 6). I looked at her a bit perplexed and asked her when she learned to ride without training wheels. She smiled, shrugged her shoulders and said... "today". Bob came home and she was riding the neighbor girl's bike without training wheels and she asked him to take hers off of her bike. She's an independent one, to say the least!

I'll try to get more pictures taken soon. Enjoy!


  1. Isn't it great to see Spring on the horizon?. Jan

  2. Funny about C -Eva just told me yesterday that she is "sick of training wheels" and that she is ready to ride like a big girl. They are similar creatures....