Monday, March 22

Springtime decor...

I just love the springy colors in this display. There is something about the beautiful, cornflower blue that just makes me wish I had more blue things to put in my shop right now. I think the next trip out I'll be on the hunt. They say that blue is making a comeback. I've always shied away from blue a bit because I had this little subconscious thing going on... my mom used to say that "she already went through her blue phase". I guess I figured everyone else had, too. I have always like the blues that weren't quite such true blues. The aquas and robin's eggs, the baby blue and, well, the cornflower blue. I have never been much for the darker colors at all... I'm a pastel girl, through and through. I did one chair's upholstery in navy blue and just didn't have any fun playing with it. I never gave it another try.

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