Saturday, January 2

Tickled PINK!

Phew! We had a wonderful holiday, but I am so glad to be getting things back to "normal" in my world. After Christmas the family spent three nights at a local hotel celebrating family and birthdays, swimming, lounging, hot tubbing, eating, drinking and playing euchre. We had so much fun. Then it was back to work for me. We had a fantastic Christmas season at the shop {thank you to all my customers reading this!} I spent the day on Thursday, New Year's Eve, "de-Christmas-izing" the shop. I sold a lot this year, but bought a lot, too so I had some serious work to do. Got 'er done and then went out for an amazing dinner at Granite City with my honey and our kids. I decided to open New Year's Day, yesterday. We haven't been open for New Year's Day for several years, but I wanted to get the shop spruced up for Saturday, so I decided to open as long as I was there working. People had to put up with my messes, but I had a wonderful group come in... a couple from Mount Vernon brought in some visiting friends from California. The young lady is a photographer and has two little ones, a girl and a boy, both toddlers, and she appreciates vintage children's things... she came to the right place. I think they had a good time. They made the day worth while by themselves, but we had other brave solds weathering the cold temperatures (today it was -15 when I took my husband and son to their basketball scrimmage... the car started, then died and I was needing the Jeep so I had to take them out early in the cold... aargh!!!) The day ended up fantastic and I got so much done at the shop. I think it looks great... got some Valentines Day decorating done and am SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY to be playing with pink things again!!! I even stopped a customer and told them just how happy I was to be doing a PINK display. I'll be good from here on out... I get to look forward to spring and working with the colors and textures I love. Fall and DARK are so hard for me... I don't do so well with that look. The shop feels HAPPY to me again and that makes all the differerence for me.
I'll try to get pictures posted tomorrow or Monday {kids go back to school on Monday and I'll have a much better shot}! Until then... HERE'S TO PINK! Cheers!

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  1. Judy & I were working with pink yesterday & part of plan included your 2 pink baby blankets that Judy bought. I'll take some pictures when we get it done. Happy New Year! Jan