Sunday, January 24

(Big sigh!!!)... what a week!

This picture is of nothing that pertains to this post, but I think posts are sometimes really boring without a picture... so here's a picture!

I sure haven't been a very good blogger these past few weeks. I saw a fun gal named Shirley, who follows my blog, at the Anamosa show today and she said she didn't expect to see me there, because she hadn't read about it on my blog. I can't believe I didn't get around to putting a post on about the show I was doing today! What an air-head I am!!! So, I did the show in Anamosa today. I have to be honest, I didn't put my best foot forward for this show. I've done it a few times in the past and had a lot of fun at it, but it was always just a convenient show to do... not one that I saw a lot of monetary potential in. Boy was that a stupid way for me to be thinking. The show was fantastic and there was a TON of traffic. I, on the other hand, was unprepared. I didn't bring anything great (other than the two wonderful pine tables my honey got ready for this show). I just took "stuff"... some fun stuff, but mostly just stuff. I've been really distracted this past week and simply didn't give it enough time or effort. I apologize to those of you that saw my "stuff" at the show. It looked cute and all, but it just wasn't what I should have done. My apologies to all who attended.
BUT... there was a good reason for my distraction, I assure you! I started a new book early last week. My sister loaned it to me and had told me little of nothing other than there was a tough part I would have to get through and that it was very much worth reading. Well... she was right! The name of the book is "The Shack" and it was INCREDIBLE to say the least. I was completely distracted by reading it and more often, contemplating it. I finished it Friday night and have continued mulling it all over in my mind ever since. I don't want to tell anyone anything about it other than what my sister told me. There is a tough part you have to get through and that it is a really great book. You all MUST read it!
So, that is my excuse for being a bad blogger this past week. I will do my best to be better this week! I have much to share, so stay tuned!


  1. Great book, now go read, 'So you don't want to go to Church anymore.' Another great book with lots of though provoking material.
    be blessed,

  2. I noticed you had been "missing" for a few days. A good book will do that to you. I just finished "The Help" & it was hard to put down. "The Shack" is waiting by my bed -- maybe I'll give it a try. Our minister did a whole series of classes on the book because it had caused so much conversation. Have a good week. Jan

  3. I too love "The Shack". Once I finished it I wanted to go back and reread and make notes. Have you read, "The Five people You meet in Heaven"? Another good one.

  4. Hey Polly!
    What in the world are you talking about???? Your booth was DARLING! You ALWAYS put BOTH FEET OUT THERE!!! You did a Great Job, and who ever knows what to take to a show... Be yourself! You are Wonderful!
    My Love to Ya!
    Barb C.