Thursday, January 7

My "tickled pink" pictures...

I promised pictures of my pink display... I had sooooo much fun playing with the pink stuff again. I need pink to keep me motivated. I love so many colors, but the dark colors of fall just don't make me sing. Pink and all the colors of spring make me so much happier and I have so much more fun playing with those colors. I seem to surround myself with pastels and primary colors.


  1. Hi Polly! I love how you've displayed the vintage potholders and doilies! Fabulous idea!

    Hope you are having a happy new year!


  2. Love your pinks. Maybe it's the weather but I've been kind of into pinks myself. Check out and see their pink furniture. I'm sure if you check Judy's or my spaces you would see some of your items. Hope you're staying warm. Jan

  3. Hi Polly!
    I discovered you via the OTHER Polly's blog. What a lovely blog and shop you have, so happy to have found you!


  4. Hi Polly,
    Love your pink display.
    I'm a sucker for hand crocheted potholders. I'm so impressed with all those talented ladies who made such beautiful things for such a basic kitchen item.
    I stopped by your shop in December and bought some great treasures. Sorry I missed you.
    I'm new to blogging. I just got my site up and running.
    Love your site. You are sooo creative!!!

    Keep Warm,

  5. Hey Girl I'm lovin' your blog AND your store! You have some darling pink things here. Everything looks so fresh and spring-y. Thank you for leaving a comment. I just joined as a follower!
    Have a wonderful weekend!