Friday, January 15

Fun was had by all!!!

Barb and I had a great time on our little {14 hour!} road trip yesterday. I told her that if she could survive a 12+ hour day with me, she could do just about anything. We found some fun things at a tag sale in Davenport... when they made announcements before the sale, the sale staff apologized for the condition of the house and said that they had at least upgraded it from "disgusting to EEEWWW!" They weren't kidding... it was EEEWWW!
We stopped at several antique shops and consignment stores and went to Coal Valley and then up to the new shop in Parkview called the Junk Asylum. We had a lot of fun there! You can check that out on Sharon from Sweet Repose's blog at {sweetrepose}

We had dinner in DeWitt and sweet Sarah joined us for a cocktail and took us on a wonderful tour of her home. She and Matt are so sweet and have so many wonderful treasures. I even recognized a few things she got from me. I walked in the door and the smell of Polly Anns' Signature Scent candles tickled my nose and brought a huge smile to my face. It makes all the difference to someone like me to know that someone appreciates something they purchased from me or my store. Thanks for loving my candles, Sarah!

It's off to another basketball game for me and mine tonight (hubby coaches my son's freshman ball team). Wish us luck!!! Go Mustangs!!!


  1. POLLY ANN! You were in Davenport, with Barb, and did not have me meet you to say hi!!! I am just ribbing you, of course, because I know what it's like when I go to MV. Speaking of which, I am going to swing by and see Tommie's new digs tomorrow night, and there may be pizza ordered. She is going to say something to you too, we just talked this a.m. Hopefully we'll see you!

  2. OH NO... Those were the words rolling off my tongue, as soon as I got a glimps of your post!!!
    Thanks for the wonderful day!
    See ya soon!
    Love to ya!
    Barb C.

  3. Now there's a pair of die hard junkers...hope you found some cool stuff. Lorie pulled in two new dealers while I was there yesterday...hope they got good stuff!!!

    Try to stay out of trouble you two!!!