Tuesday, September 1

How'd I do?

So... I bought this great spice set, but a bunch of the decals were gone, almost gone or not so great. I tried to duplicate the design as close as I could, but I didn't find the font for the lettering so I used something a little different, but still sort of vintage looking. How did I do? The photo shows a mix of decals, but I replaced all of them. I think they look pretty good.

I had a fun day playing at my store today. I set up this little display of a few of my favorite things to share with all of you. These are some of the sorts of things that make this chick tick...

I like vintage baby items, linens, kitchen items, vanity things, pretty plates, sets of dishes, and bedding items... among a million other things. My favorite displays in the shop to make are... setting tables and making beds. I had fun playing house today!

1 comment:

  1. You amaze me.You take things on, head on... I truly admire you.
    Love the things you do, and your wonderful creative spirit!
    Barb C.