Tuesday, September 15

Fun finds all from one place

We were on our way to our son's football game in LaPorte City the other day and had made arrangements to pick up a washer and dryer that we purchased off craigslist. Well, we were going to be late for the game if we didn't hurry, but the washer and dryer were in Urbana and it just so happened that Urbana was having their city wide garage sales... needless to say, I was having issues with all of those signs and not so much time. I convinced Bob to follow a sign, trailer in tow, down a narrow street in Urbana... not much there but some quarter clothing finds for my pre-teen and a Hollister shirt for myself. I thought for sure that he would pass the next signs we saw and head for the game. I was right, but on the way back to 380 there was a house on the edge of town with a sign and a few promising looking things sitting in the driveway. I couldn't believe it, but he pulled the truck over to the side of the road and actually even got out with me to go check things out. I'm pretty sure he only had the intention of going with me to make sure I hurried my slow little rear end up. He found a few things that interested him and it bought me some time to sort through this womans bizarre assortment of "stuff". I ended up with a vintage Viking sewing machine, a set of 4 1950's era patio table legs, two sides of an old plastic toy rocking horse of sorts that will look really cool as each half mounted on the wall, a cement, lawn ornament hobby horse painted terrible colors with a bad glue job, but he looked lonely and cute. We perused and perused and kept hoping that she had unearthed more... then I saw it! An old tin of buttons with just enough of a tease on the top to make me snatch them up and get myself and the car all dirty because I simply HAD to look through them on the way to the game. There were some beauties! Here's a sampling...

Some of the other things that we found were these great glass "flame" shades and these fun fence finials...

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  1. Ahhh...I want to see the old viking sewing machine! =-)