Sunday, September 6

My husband the hero!

Well... yesterday was a bit of a test for me at the shop. I had several groups of people in early, but almost all of them walked out empty handed. They all raved about how nice the store was, how organized, how clean, how well displayed, but nothing grabbed a hold of them and asked to be taken home. I was really frustrated and was having trouble trying to find something positive to focus on. The law of attraction is a powerful, powerful thing and I knew that my own attitude and energy was getting in the way. I texted my honey and told him the situation... guess what he said? "remember, it only takes one"... MY HERO! How right he was and usually is. A gal walked in my store and proceeded to remark that she was evidently born in the wrong era as all of the things in front of her were what really spoke to her. She's been in before and I love working with her... she gets it! She bought a wad and the energy shift was complete. We had an awesome afternoon and now I'm so excited to get to go to work again today. Come see me!

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  1. Hey Polly,
    You and I are truly blessed with 'Real Hero's', I don't know what we would do without them...
    Your Store is wonderful, as they all said, and more these days, people need to ponder, embrace that, and stay positive, always.
    Barb C.