Thursday, September 3

New chair at Polly's

Well, I'm headed off to play at the shop again today! I just got these two chairs back from the upholsterer and I think they turned out great! Both have Ralph Lauren fabric on them and they are both really comfy chairs, great for short people, like me! I took two more chairs down to get redone and have a couple more waiting in the wings. I love putting the fabrics together and trying new things. Then when I get them back I get to decorate at the shop around them. I think I'll likely move the smaller one back to "Pudgy's Cottage" (the room with the green and white checkerboard floor). I can change the bedding and maybe even the curtains and work with the wonderful colors in that fabric... soft greens, pinks and lavendar... yum, yum, yum. Better get a move on, lots to do! Hi ho, hi ho... until next time - Pol


  1. OOOOhh, I love the first chair. I got the candles today. Thank you! They smell wonderful!

  2. Love the chair, and all of the beautiful vintage upholstered funiture you do, it's an amazing transformation, and you have great vision!
    Barb C.

  3. Thanks Polly Ann for letting me know the teal spots aren't designed by you :-(
    I Finished the quilt top late last night, will buy a matching teal green for the binding and hopefully get it quilted next week.
    I love your blog, heaps of great stuff, greetings from Australia!

  4. Hey Polly,
    Dale stopped by yesterday, and said he'd popped in at your store. He told me yhat you'd gotten in some cool stuff!
    I never thought about you having sheers... it all worked out, Kate wanted dark brown sheers, and not too many of those out there.
    Hope to see ya soon!
    Barb C.