Sunday, August 30

5 generations of Niederhauser's

We celebrated my Grandma's 100th birthday today (tomorrow is her actually b-day). She was born on August 31st, 1909. She lives at the care center in Mount Vernon now, but is still so spunky and had the whole crowd rolling all day long. About 80 of my relatives gathered to help her celebrate in Lisbon, Iowa at Whitey's. Tasha and Daron did a fantastic job and everyone had a wonderful time. It's hard to even imagine someone living for 100 years. I have a magazine from 1909 and things were so, so very different back then. It's fun to think about and even funner to listen to grandma talk about things from way back when. Love you Gram!


  1. She certainly doesn't look 100. What a blessing you have in her.

  2. Oh Polly,
    You are truly blessed...
    All my love to you,
    Barb C.

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