Wednesday, August 26


I feel soooooo much better! I spent my morning getting things done on my computer... bookwork and the like and then I went up to the shop to "tackle" my candle studio. Well, it took a few hours to get things organized, but then... I made candles!!! It had been a while and I was so excited to get going with it again. I made a double batch of my signature scent at the shop and a double batch of Oatmeal, Milk and Honey... my two most favorite scents. They turned out fantastic and I am so excited to get to work at the shop tomorrow and have people walk in the door and ask... "What is that incredible smell?" It smells sooooo good when you walk in the door when I am burning them. They are 100% soy and they burn so nice and clean. The only thing I have to do to keep them burning perfectly is make sure to keep the wicks trimmed to about 1/4 of an inch. I still have the smell on my hands and I LOVE IT!

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