Saturday, August 22

Great day ahead!!!

I get to go garage saling with my BFF/big sister, Lisa, this morning. No big plans for the day, just junkin' and lootin'. My honey took burgers and chicken out to grill tonight and suggested that we have a nice little fire and relax this evening... hopefully that means he's cooking. It usually does! Lucky girl I am today!!!!
I got a lot of stuff done at the shop the last three days. I'm there again tomorrow and Monday and am looking forward to finishing up a few of those projects I started last week and got pulled away from and never found my way back to finish up. Ever have that happen to you?
I'm looking so forward to getting to spend some quality time with my sister today. Things have been really crazy for both of us and garage saling is one of the things we love to do together. We'll probably stop at a Goodwill or two, just for good measure.

This here is a picture of a sweet little craigslist find of mine. I painted it a soft pink and have pretty everyday dishes displayed in it. A mom was looking at if for a dresser for her daughter's room... I think it would be sooooo sweet in a bedroom, or even in a bathroom filled with soft pastel colored towels and perfumy, girly stuff! I've recently been described as "girly". Do you think that suits me? I think I would like it to? I'm always trying to figure out how to be a little more girly, but always seems there is too much work and heavy lifting in the way. I think of myself as more of a workhorse than a girly-girl, but was sure happy to hear that someone else saw me that way.

I displayed the white and green cabinet, but really don't like how it turned out, so I think I'll redo it tomorrow or Monday and try to get a post up about it.

Gotta run... my BFF has arrived!