Sunday, August 23

Storage with character!

I got this with the other bank cabinets out of the old Springville bank. It must have been safety deposit boxes at some point. All of those drawers have limitless possibilities. The wooden cubby hole cabinet that they fit into is awesome all by itself too. I wish my life was a little more organized so I could put this baby to work, but, alas, I'm a deranged loony with way too much stuff and no ambition whatsoever to deal with it... instead, my life's ambition is to go find more!

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  1. I bought an oak (not antique) card catalog cabinet, about the size of a dresser, at the antique mall in Monticello several years ago. I fold my fat quarters, and then fold them in half again, and stand them up in the drawers. I love it for that. I also bought an antique seed packet cabinet the same place and same day. I put fat quarters and thread in the front section of hte drawers (where the glass is). I love it for quilty storage. Your cabinet would work very well for that same thing!

    What kind of sewing machine do you have in that case under the chair?

    It's been good to see you posting again. One of these days, I'll just have to stop in!
    be blessed,